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Medieval WarsMedieval WarsFree Online Strategy Game

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  • Medieval Wars Screenshot
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The king is dead… who will rule the land?
Casual turn-based strategy war game. More complex than Risk, but easier and quicker to play than Axis & Allies.

How To PlayHow To Play

MUTE BUTTON bottom right corner

Terrain Bonus:
Mountain +1
Hill +0.5
Forest +0.3
Swamp -0.5

Castles/Towers Bonus:
lv.1 + 0.3
lv.2 + 0.6
lv.3 + 0.9
lv.4 + 1.2

Unit Experience Bonus:
+0.3 X Level

Mines Bonus:
+0.2 x number of mines

Normal unit use 1D4 x level
Hero unit (Knight) 2D2 x level

Combat mechanic:

AttackerTotal = AttackerDiceValues + AttackerVariousBonus + (AttackerUnitLevel – DefenderUnitLevel)

DefenderTotal = DefenderDiceValues + DefenderVariousBonus + (DefenderUnitLevel – AttackerUnitLevel)

If (AttackerTotal > DefenderTotal) the Attacker win else the Attacker lose.

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