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Abyss WalkerAbyss WalkerFree Online Strategy Game

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  • Abyss Walker Screenshot
  • Abyss Walker Screenshot
  • Abyss Walker Screenshot


A powerful Shadow Scroll had been stolen and you must return it back to your village...

How To PlayHow To Play

Abyss Walker is an Adventure / RPG game about a Shinobi Warrior.

The key to victory is to stay undetected by enemies and kill them fast.

The yellow line above enemy's head shows if this enemy can detect your presence or not.
Fully coloured line shows that this enemy is in an aware state and you are in trouble.
Stay as far from an enemy as you can to avoid it. Or use one of your Shinobi skills to reduce enemy detection range.

When you start a game you have only a sword, but you can learn skills and enable other weapons.
All weapons (except sword) limited for every contract by count.
To increase a count for one of your weapons you need to find a crate with an icon of this weapon on it.

For every successfully accomplished contract you get some amount of Gold.

The gold is needed to learn new skills or to level up already learned. You can access “Skills” menu between contracts by pressing “skills” button at the top-right corner of the game screen.

Put the mouse over the icon to get information what this skill does. Click on skill icon to learn or level up selected skill.
In right corner of the dialog you can see your available gold. In left corner you can see a gold, that needed to learn this skill.

Arrow keys to move.
For double jump press [UP ARROW] again in air (if you have a "Double Jump" skill).
[1],[2],[3],[4],[5] - Select weapon.
[SPACE] - Attack with selected weapon.
[W],[A],[S],[D] - Use skill.

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