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Feedback for Parking Lot Master
  • This discussion is related to the Parking Lot Master game.

    Summer is comming, everybody is planning their vacation and you don't have one single penny in your pocket. And still you are thinking of fast, efficient ways to make lots of money. But except robbing a bank, nothing seems to bring in tons of money. And now you are really bummed because you realised that this summer you will spend it at home with your folks instead of partying in Ibiza. But wait!! A wild thought came! What do you love to do? To drive!! You remembered that your uncle owns a hotel and he was desperately looking for new valets! It's the perfect job! You do what you like- drive around all day and earn extra money for a summer to remember! If you are a master at parking then the drill is pretty simple! You must move the valet in the parking lot and take the cars from the owners, remember the slot's number where they want their car to be and park the car there.
  • i love this game
  • i luv it but i keep getting stuff in the cars
  • i love the game
  • this game is so hard but fun
  • some one add me as a friend please