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The Heist 2The Heist 2Free Online RPG Game

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Can't stay away from trouble, can you? More missions; more control over your criminal gang. And, of course, more high speed pursuits! Got some time? Do some Crime!

How To PlayHow To Play

Specialists are required to play certain missions. You can only hire low-leveled specialist. Later in the game, you can also hire medium-leveled specialists. Experience will make them go level up.
Lower level means more chance to fail.

Safe Cracker
Con Artist

In the specialist's "biography", you can see how good they are.

Expertise: Skill of expertise.
Weapon: Skill with a weapon.
Health: Amount of life.
CR: How much it costs to hire this specialist. Lower price means lower levels.

A weapon that is more expensive will kill cops faster.

Berreta: Free
Uzi: CR 2000
Sawn-Off: CR 3500
Desert Eagle: CR 5000
Rifle: CR 7000
Shotgun: CR 8500
Sniper: CR 15500

While you're playing the game, more weapons will be available.

In the beginning you can only buy one car. Later in the game, more cars will be available.

Car 1: 2 specialists, 40 health. (2 weapon upgrades available)
Car 2: 3 specialists, 50 health. (3 weapon upgrades available)
Van 1: 5 specialists, 75 health. (4 weapon upgrades available)
Van 2: 6 specialists, 125 health. (4 weapon upgrades available)
Tank: 6 specialists, 500 health. (0 weapon upgrades available, best weapon included)

Car Upgrades
When you buy a new car, you have to buy the upgrades again.

Armor (max 4): Will make your car lose less health.
Enigine (max 4): Will make your car go faster.

Boost (max 3): Makes your car go faster for a short time.
Slammer (max 3): Iron bars spring out of the side of your car.
Mines (max 3): Drops explosive mines on the road.
Turret (max 3): An extra gun, added on the roof of your car.

You can only select one of the weapon upgrades (last 4) to use in a mission.

There are 12 missions to complete.

Convenience Store
Pawn Shop
High St. Bank
Casino Heist
Diamond Exhibition

Every mission has a difficulty.

1 Shield: Easy
2 Shields: Medium
3 Shields: Hard
4 Shields: Very Hard

Every mission also has 'Target Credits'. Win this amount to unlock the next mission. It also has 'Requirements'.

Gang Size X: You can play this mission when you have X specialists in your car.
Level X: In your car has to be at least one specialist with the asked area of expertise level X or higher.

Like almost every JTS game, you also can earn medals. Here's the list you can find on the Medal Page too.

Bullet Time: Use slowmotion for the first time.
Booster: Boost your car.
Fading sirens: Destroy a cop car.
Grease monkey: Your first upgrade to a vehicle.
Swag: Complete your first mission.
You plus one: Hire a gang member.
Cutting it close: Finish a mission almost destroyed.
Paying the bills: Earn 50000 CR.
Mourning: One of your specialists is killed.
Juggler: Use the turret missiles to bounce vehicles in the air 5 times without hitting the ground.
Three musketeers: Have 3 specialists in your gang.
Big jump: Stay airborne for 3 seconds.
Big haul: Earn 100000 CR in a single mission.
All rounder: Hire a specialist of every expertise.
Big earner: Earn 500000 CR.
Old wise one: Get a gang member to level 10 in expertise.
Most wanted: Destroy 30 cops in one mission.
High flyer: Bank 10 million CR.
Car collector: Purchase every vehicle in the game.
The Don: Complete the game, reach 5 million CR.

Complete The Game
You win the game when you have 5 million CR, then you can buy the tank. You also earn 120 JTS Cash and a cool medal. But the best thing you get, is the feeling that you beat the game.

Feedback for The Heist 2


  • superb gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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